Crafts With Kids: When A Bird Mobile Gets Angry (Birds)

18 Jul

A few weeks ago we went with my in-laws for a few days down to Panama City Beach. Before we headed down there, I put together an arts and crafts box to take with us just in case the weather got bad or it got unbearably hot and we had to stay inside. Little did I know, the effort I put in to create such a box just insured that it would be beautiful the entire time and we would never need it.

Several weeks later and we finally have the chance to need it. One of the crafts I took down with us was a bird mobile from Made By Joel. You can see his video on how to do below.

It looked like something my boys might enjoy so I had all the supplies in place. As we got started, my 6 year old wanted to really make his birds look like actual birds. After coloring on the first bird for a few minutes, he asked what color the Angry Birds were. At this point, I went along. He loves the game and I thought it would keep him more interested in the project.

What he said a couple of minutes later let me know this project was taking a turn. He asked me if he could make an Angry Birds mobile instead. Now, I know this is not what Joel Henriques had in mind when he created this idea, but I still think he would approve. So, I drew the birds on paper and let him color and cut them out. You can see below how hard at work he was and the finished product.

The craft tip for this post… be flexible and don’t be afraid to make a twist on an idea to make it something your kids will really enjoy. It keeps off the devices and helps create more memories for you and your child.



Update: I shared the link with Made By Joel and his comment was…

Ha. Yes, I approve! This is the beauty of simple craft designs I think. They are very adaptable so people can put their own ideas into them. It gives the kids a sense of pride when we encourage their creative inputs as well, and makes them more excited about the arts and crafts. (Like you said in your post.) Very cool!

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